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For more information about this blog, the Congo and my trip back there in June 2013 then please drop me a line on:




4 thoughts on “Get in touch

  1. Hi Chris

    I hope you are fine wherever you are as par now. I am fien In Bukavu waiting for you. I would like to know where you and if you are still coming to Bukavu or you have changed your plan. Otherwise i am so eggue to meet you so that we can discuss a lot about you interest on Congo, maybe your friend Sophia had shared with you what she did learn from some of us about Congo or great lake. I wish all the best and i support on your goal

  2. Hi Chris,

    Just a quick note to say that you are one of a rare breed of genuinely committed and inspiring people, who seeks no recognition except for support of the cause you champion. I follow your efforts with great fervor – keep up the fantastic, admirable work!

    All the best,


  3. Chris/Dom, Just came across your website, met you with Tom ( in Kigali about 18months ago now, was in a fairly intoxicated state if I remember! I think it’s fantastic what you guys are doing and really inspiring. Tom and I completed our lap of Africa in April last year and are now back to real life, Uni for me and working for him. I’m now based in Sheffield and Tom in London, not sure where you guys are but would love to have a beer with you if you’re around.
    Best wishes


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