Why does any of this matter?

The conflict in the east of the Congo has been described as the deadliest in the world since WWII with an estimated 5.4 million dead (2.7 million of them children), over 9000 people were raped in the Kivu province alone last year and in the first three months of 2010 115,000 lost their homes.

Despite this the Democratic Republic of Congo receives very little coverage in the UK and awareness of this deadly conflict remains low amongst people in the UK

I want to change this.

In 2010 I embarked on a mission to try and make people in the UK aware of the conflict in the Congo. My vehicle to achieve this was by running a marathon each month, blogging and tell as many people as possible. Three years later, i’m still trying, but this time round i’ll be cooking rather than running to get people interested in the Congo.

I’ve always had silly ideas, last time it was pushing my body to its limits. This time i’m trying to use something that is common to us all to appreciate and understand what life is like in the DRC and also share what life is like in the UK for those in the Congo.


5 thoughts on “Why does any of this matter?

  1. Wow! Thanks for doing this! Be sure to be careful when you do your marathon Congo.

    You might consider sending in a letter to the editor of Runners World (a US publication) to let them know what you are up to! Runners World’s August issue has a 7 page article called “A Magnificent Mile” on the Bukavu Run for Congo Women! A very inspiring article.

    And if you have on Facebook, you should definitely be one of the 1st Thousand Sisters, a new FB group dedicated to ending the violence in Congo … (guys are sisters, too!) Check it out!

    You are beautiful!

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  3. I don’t get it: how running 12 marathons a year could help people in Congo ? By the way, I lived in Kinshasa and worked in the Bukavu region when based in Goma. Amnesty international must be the worst choice to help people in desperate regions of the world with their current life. And no, 12 marathons-triathlons is nowhere near a “world record” as you put it. I ran 17 a year. A group of people named the Marathons Maniacs run 52 a year. Some more than 100 a year…For what is worth…!

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