WOW! £2240 raised through the treadmill marathon!


I’m absolutely knackered. You’ll have seen I completed the marathon in about 3.25.06. I’m sorry that I posed so many links showing my nostrils at various angles. This is only half the story.Treadmill marathon

Yesterday was a logistical nightmare! Picked up a van drove it round to the gym, got the treadmill next to the van, all going smoothly…..and then, tried to get it on to the van. It was too bloody tall. Jackson you idiot.

Anyhow having tried a variety of ways to get into the van it was happening. Fear not with four kiwi lads on hand we shifted it into the van, with the treadmill hanging out the back, we gaffer taped the doors “shut” and then made our merry way over to Westminster. It’s only about 1.5 miles to drive from Waterloo to Westminster, but it felt like an eternity, I don’t think we got out of 2nd gear. We parked up outside Banqueting House unloaded the treadmill and pitched it into the hall on this giant throne. The day was getting more and more bizarre.

I’d bought a tuxedo running shirt, which looked stupid, but was more stupid in the sense that it was so tight and hot that I was beading sweat after about 8 minutes. So I started jogging away, my target time was about 3hrs 30mins, so I started at 4.45 hoping to finish at 8.15. As you can imagine these big events take a lot of organising and timing is pretty crucial to make sure it’d run smoothly. I’d got my pacing wrong and had gone off to quick, then need a quick toilet stop, so after a while I was completely lost as to how far or long I’d be going for. Someone was keeping an eye on this, but when the event started to over run, I’d then lost all sense of when I need to run by.

I think it was after about 2hrs or so when my left leg felt tight and my toes went numb, this happens a lot from all the past running, but it just makes running very painful and quite uncomfortable. This was all happening while guests started to stream in and asking what the hell I was doing. To be honest it wasn’t so bad, I was running a marathon and they always hurt after a while. What was so cool was just seeing everyone’s face when they came in, just staring at the sweaty guy on a treadmill, not really knowing what the hell was happening.

It turns out things were over running at the event and i was running quicker too. Anyhow, so that basically meant I’d finished far too early, so then had to keep running for I think for about another 20 mins or more and covering a few more miles as well. hey ho, i’d completed the marathon on a treadmill in Banqueting House!

It was really quite overwhelming finishing the race. When you’re on a stage and everyone is looking back you. I didn’t really know what to say or where to look, just hoping that being a running jester had helped raise enough money for Women for Women.

It turns out the marathon helped raise £2240. In 2010 I’d set a target of £10,000 to raise and actually reaching it today is personally really important, even though it took a little longer than i’d hoped. I felt I’d let myself down not reaching my target, so it means a lot to reach it. I appreciate I’ve placed a lot of burdens on people in the past asking for their donations, time and attention. But I wouldn’t do that if I didn’t think it was important and cared about this. That’s why I’m going back to the Congo in June. I’ve had a glimpse of the darkness the women there face. But the they deserve better. They deserve your support. They deserve your attention.

And just as I promised in 2009 I’m going to try and do that.


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