Going back to where it all went wrong

Latvia kayak trip

Hello, so you’ve had some rest bite from my blogging.. I’ll be back to it the next few days as I look to take on my next challenge..

I’ve just finished the London marathon yesterday (2.58) and now I don’t have much time to rest before I move on to my next challenge – 310 km kayak race from Eastern Latvia to Riga, all to be completed in under 52hrs. You may remember last year I attempted this race and failed miserably, I made it to the first check point and had to quit, I was broken, cold and destroyed. I wasn’t ready for it, I hadn’t got a plan, I didn’t have a clue. ( https://runforcongo.wordpress.com/2011/05/15/how-it-all-went-wrong-in-latvia/)

I don’t like to lose, let alone be humiliated. That’s why I’m going back. It’d be easy to forget about it, but I promised myself last year, I’d come back and complete this race. I managed the Yukon in the summer and that was tough, the hardest thing I’ve ever done. My motivation as always is to raise awareness about the Congo and I that hasn’t changed. I won’t lie, I was crushed not being able to finish, the people I met were so strong and have endured much more in the Congo, but there I was in plastic kayak destroyed and not able to go much further. I have to finish this time round.

I need to make amends, complete the race and make up for my epic failure last year. I’ve got one crack to do this and I’ll do it this year.

I haven’t spent much time in a kayak since the Yukon, but that trip taught me so much about approaching this challenge. I’ve learned the lessons from last year, built on them from the Yukon and now I’m set for my next step into the Wilderness. I’ve checked the forecast: rainy and cold, 9hrs dark each night. This is going to be really hard to do and I would welcome as much support as possible from anyone and everyone. I’ll be posting updates on the trip, providing I have reception to keep you all up to speed with how its going and all I ask that if you can spread the word, retweet and share that’ll be immense. I don’t want to rattle the donation to hard as you have all been so generous, but if you can spare any money for Women for Women would be immense – http://www.justgiving.com/runforcongo

I depart early Thursday morning and the race begins 6pm on Friday, I’m hoping to be finished by midnight on Sunday, fingers crossed I can do this in less than 52 hrs!

Further updates to come…




Waterproof map case

stove and kettle

Fork, spoon



Sleeping bag

water proof bags x 4


head torch

ipod battery

phone chargers




e-ticket for flights

print off of check points


North face jacket

Helly Hansen thermal

Thermal trousers

wolly hat

all my technical t shirts

x5 boxers

x5 socks


long t-shirt


old asics trainers


kayak jacket

Sun glasses

waterproof hat

Things I need

waterproof shoes (l)

waterproof gloves (l)

Knife (l)



waterproof matches (l)

gas (l)

bivy bag

food (l)


Build a daily routine whilst in the kayak.


One thought on “Going back to where it all went wrong

  1. Chris, although we’ve never met, I’ve followed your activities on Facebook and on this blog for over a year now, and your commitment to extraordinary physical challenges and Congo continues to inspire me. I just registered for my second North Face Endurance Challenge through the Marin Headlands in San Francisco (my fifth marathon) and plan to fundraise for Congo through that event. Your timing for going back to this kayak race and your performance in London have motivated me once again to push beyond my own perceived physical (in fact, mental) barriers and run for those who struggle to stand. Thanks, Chris. I’ll be following.

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