It’s been a few weeks now since finishing the Yukon. I’m no closer to understanding the whole thing. People ask how it was, what happened any scary moments etc. Yeah there a few, but the trip was much more than that and to focus on those little things would be to discredit the race, the river and the challenge.

What I’m struggling to get my head round is that I completed it, not only that I really enjoyed it, the harder and more tired I got the more I relished it and the more determined I was to finish. Each stroke felt like an investment and as I moved I along I became more and more attached the challenge and didn’t want to let go. Normally I scream and shout at myself to pump myself up to overcome hardtimes and difficulties, but the Yukon was different. I felt composed and full of determination to finish what I started. I’m just really happy, I put so much physical and emotional effort to crossing the line, the relief and belief (not meant to rhyme, couldn’t think of better words) that I now have has really grown. I’ve learnt a lot in attempting challenges like this and the importance of getting on with it and not thinking about anything just the task in hand. I know that with the next challenge I have in store, I have to be able to draw as much as I can from the Yukon experience, just as I applied everything I learnt from the marathons last year.

It feels quite funny having completed my challenge for the year and still have 4 months on the table. I’ve enjoyed the last few weeks relaxing and letting my body recover, I still have pains and numbness in my hands, but I’m nearly back to full health. 

However what I have in front of me means that I cannot sit and relax for too long. Project 2012 is slowly coming together after 7 months of quiet prep, I’m edging closer finalising my plans. Quite simply what i will attempt next year will dwarf everything else, this is something I’ve dreamt of since a child and now I feel I’ve reached the point to stop thinking about it and actually make it happen.

Generally feeling more positive about my body, there were times months ago when I thought it was on the scrap heap, but I’ve rested and now I’m starting to improve. I’ve got 2 marathons to complete this year- Nottingham and New York and hopefully those and the training will put me in good stead for next year. 


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