Kitlist for Yukon

Kitlist for the Yukon. This isn’t a blog i just want to store my kitlist and travel plans in one place.

  • Each kayak must start with a double-bladed kayak paddle per person and a spare double- bladed kayak paddle in the vessel.
  • Each team member must carry a U.S. Coast Guard or Canadian Department of Transport approved Personal Flotation Device.
  • The PFD must be equipped with a whistle.
  • Orange garbage bag for signalling
  • Full coverage spray skirt/deck with snaps or tie downs
  • A buoyant heaving line of > 15 m (50’) in length and > 6 mm at least (1/4”) diameter, accessible to hand.
  • Food and fluids to sustain each team member throughout the course of the race.
  • One Bailer (bucket or pump)
  • River Map
  • Race Bibs
  • Bear mace
  • Bear bangers
  • Basic First Aid Kit
  • One emergency space bivy sack per person
  • Waterproof matches/lighter and firestarter material
  • One sleeping bag per person rated to –5C
  • Free-standing tent
  • Watertight flashlight or navigation light for night travel and signalling
  • Petzel type LED either mounted on front of boat or in use as a headlamp on a solo kayaker have adequate battery power for eight or more hours.
  • 2 extra layers of warm clothing contained in a dry bag
  • Backpack stove and fuel with a pot capable of boiling 16 oz. of water.
  • Sun screen
  • Rain gear (tops and bottoms)
  • Dry bag
  • Sun glasses
  • Insect repellent.

Medical kit

  • 2 – 4×4 sterile gauze dressings
  • 2 – 3×4 telfa pads
  • 1 roll conforming gauze
  • 4 – 1×3 adhesive bandages
  • 3 knuckle bandages
  • Roll of 1” waterproof adhesive tape, or equivalent amount of duct tape
  • 4 antiseptic wipes
  • Antibacterial ointment
  • 3” ace bandage
  • Mole skin
  • 3 doses painkiller – Tylenol, Aspirin
  • 3 doses anti-inflammatory – Motrin, Advil
  • 3 doses antihistamine
Friday 24th June
Gatwick to Vancouver
Depart: 10.10
Arrive: 12.05
Accommodation – Vancouver
Samesun Backpackers
Arrive 24th June
Depart: 25th June
SameSun Backpackers Lodge, 1018 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L5

Saturday 25th June
Vancouver to Whitehorse
Depart: 11.30
Arrive: 13.55
Accommodation – Whitehorse
Beez Neez

Arrive: 25th June
Depart: 29th June
Yukon River Quest Race
Wednesday 29th June – Race begins at 12.00
Friday July 1st – check point closes at Carrmacks

6:00 a.m.
Sunday July 3rd – race finish line closes at Dawson City 00.00
84 hrs to complete 474 miles.
Accommodation – Dawson City
Dawson City
Bombay Peggy’s
Arrive: July 2nd
Depart: July 3rd

Transfer from Dawson City to Whitehorse
Up North Adventure
July 3rd

Accommodation – Whitehorse
Beez Neez

Arrive: 3rd July
Depart: 5th July

Tuesday 5th July
Whitehorse to Vancouver
Depart: 8.00
Arrive: 10.15
Accommodation – Vancouver

Thursday 7th July
Vancouver to Gatwick
Depart: 13.15
Arrive: 06.55


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