The end of the blogging and run for congo.

When I started this blog I had know idea what would happen whether it would work and whether I would have the patience to carrying on writing and whether you would have the patience to read.

I was pretty skeptical about blogging, it seemed like a bunch of people, who had nothing important to write, writing in the hope that people would find it interesting or humorous.

However, I’m really pretty chuffed to see that since I started this blog that nearly 15,000 people have taken the time to read my poorly constructed sentences, bad grammar, and awful spelling.

Given that I’ve had to write these blogs, I know that some have been absolutely diabolical and equate to tourettes through the medium of a keyboard. I just wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to check the website out, as I hope in some small way that you’ve learnt a little about the Congo and understand why it is so important to be aware of a conflict that maybe miles away, but is so close to my heart.

Come the 4th July I plan to stop blogging and decommission this website. Prior to that I’ll try and keep you updated on my quest to kayak for Congo in the Yukon River Quest. The reason for this is that I have a much bigger, challenging and powerful quest to unveil and I think it deserves a new space.

I would love to know which blogs have been interesting to read, the ones that I have enjoyed writing and have felt the most powerful are:


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