Latvia, 300km into the wild

Spent most of the day doing things I should have done weeks ago. I’m not great at planning things, but I think I may have under estimated this kayak race. It’s about 200 miles shorter than the Yukon, which had lulled me into a false sense of security that I would finish it in about 40hrs and it would be good training before going to canada.

Turns out the water level is low and the river has no speed, meaning I’ll be pretty much travelling at 3kms, making this race as hard if not harder than the Yukon. 60hrs and that’ll be a decent time, I’m told. Looking like 3 nights on the river and a 7am finish on Monday morning..

Riga is a cracking little place, have spent most of my time buying things for the trip, namely countless tubs of pasta and coffee to take with me. Along with this I have a ridiculous hat, leggings, stove, and shed loads of pro plus.

Regardless of how hard, easy, boring or fun this will be there is a serious point to all of this and that by doing these silly things I want to bring attention to the DRC. Things haven’t changed, I’ve just found a new form of marathon and upped the ante by trying something new and even more difficult. You may have seen that a new report has come out covered in the NYT that shows that the level of sexual assault is much higher than previously thought in the DRC, sadly I assumed that this was always the case like most apart from western policy makers. Having visited the DRC last year and spoken with countless victims, it was only a matter of time before this became apparent.

Last year taught me an awful lot and it is slowly dawning on me that I’m going to have to use everything about me, to get through the next few days, because this is going to be the toughest test I’ve ever faced. I would gladly do 12 marathons in a day at this moment in time…60 hrs, that’s 3 days. Day and night. But it’ll be worth it if one more person is made aware of the situation in the DRC.


2 thoughts on “Latvia, 300km into the wild

  1. I second that Nora. We also need to see the ridiculous leggings!! I’m extremely proud of you and to be a friend of yours, Chris. I’ve folllowed your blogs, the amazing things you have accomplished this past year for the women of the DRC. Take care, enjoy, and stay safe. Katherine

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