Redbull rejection

Thank you for your email. (why does the prospect of me getting rejected for sponsorship by redbull prove such a popular blog. The blog will probably melt down if i fail in Latvia….)

Red Bull is keen to support those activities that are particularly mentally and physically gruelling. Results of extensive research into the use of Red Bull has found that it is highly effective because it positively affects reaction time, concentration, it reduces the stress reaction in physical performance and thus enhances physical performance. 

Our sponsorship program focuses on the support of a few outstanding individual athletes and a small number of events in selected sports. These cover a range of UK sports including surfing, skateboard, BMX , Mountain Biking, cricket, rugby and athletics. At present we are fully committed to our athletes and projects and we are unable to assist you in your development through your chosen path.

Red Bull would like to wish you all the best for the future and lots of success, fun and energy!

Best regards, 


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