One week today.

This time in 7 days i will begin the first of two enormous challenges. On the 12th May i will be flying to Latvia to take part in the Gauja XXL River Race. The race kicks off at 7pm at night and i’ll need to paddle 200miles to reach the finish line. I’m hoping that this will take me about 40 or 50 hrs. there are only 3 breaks in the race for a maximum time of 30 mins.

I’m horrendously prepared for this challenge. On Sunday i’ll go for my final training session on the Thames for a leisurely paddle up and down the river. This will be my 4th time in a kayak…

Bloody excited by the whole thing as i have no idea what’s in store….However, i’ve been watching a few things on Youtube about Kayaking and i’m feeling marginally more confident. i plan to be tweeting my way down the river to keep you updated…more details on this next week as i prepare for the biggest challenge of my life to date.



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