What worries me is that I know what it feels like to run for an hour, I knew what it was like to run for two. I’ve struggled through the wall and felt defeat as I’ve had to run for more than three hours in a marathon. What plays on my mind is that I’ve not kayaked consistently for more than 30 minutes and I’m expecting to do this for 70hrs, my kayak instructor thought 100hrs was optimistic. Is what I’m attempting from my perspective actually possible? I really don’t know. However, I’m tired of dwelling on the unknown, you get nothing back from thinking about the negatives, yes you can plan to prevent them, but it’s more important to embrace times of difficulty with optimism  than worry about failure. I would have failed if I had never attempted this, so I’m already in the black. The more you worry about failure the closer it becomes, focus on success and you can taste it. I am so excited!


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