Dom Goggins & Giles Dawnay – London Marathon

12 marathons in 12 months has finished and moves forward in different forms now. However, this Sunday is the London Marathon, a race I would love to be a part of, but I can’t, it’ll pain me to have to watch from the sidelines and I should really be canoeing, but despite this I have two very good friends (Giles & Dom) taking part in the London Marathon and I would encourage you all to go along and support them.

For Dom Goggins, my Congo-marathon running partner, Sunday will mark the end of the Madhatter’s Challenge – this was a collective fundraising effort led by Goggins that saw over 30-odd marathons, 10 triathlons, a run from coast to coast, 10ks, 5ks and a marathon on roller blades. This was an unbelievable achievement and was rewarded with an outstanding level of fundraising that saw over £15,000 raised for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. Dom gave me such support last year in a variety of ways and our friendship grew out of marathon running, because of this I’ll be on the embankment on Sunday cheering him on. Dom has his own inspiration for this challenge, but the Madhatters have been running, swimming, cycling and rollerblading in the memory of all who have died from this illness, to the happiness of those who have beaten it, and the spirit of those who are yet to face it. ANYBODY can be a Mad Hatter and that is why it is such an important and powerful campaign – it showed that we can all do something to make a difference.

To sponsor Goggins in the final leg of this incredible journey then please go to

Giles Dawnay and I have known each other since living in a house on a hill in Peru back in 2002 and have remained good friends since. Giles inspired me to take part in the Ironman last year as I remember him mentioning the race in passing, this caused a spark of interest and led me to Bolton last year to take part in the Ironman. Now 12 months on Giles is training hard for the Iron Man and on Sunday Giles will be using the London Marathon as training in preparation for the Ironman in August. By the sounds of it he’s been training dam hard and I’m expecting a pretty good time from Gilo on Sunday. Giles is also raising money for a fantastic cause – Survival international – Survival is the only international organization supporting tribal peoples worldwide. They were founded in 1969 after an article by Norman Lewis in the UK’s Sunday Times highlighted the massacres, land thefts and genocide taking place in Brazilian Amazonia. Like many modern atrocities, the racist oppression of Brazil’s Indians took place in the name of ‘economic growth’. Today, Survival has supporters in 82 countries. They work for tribal peoples’ rights in three complementary ways: education, advocacy and campaigns. They also offer tribal people themselves a platform to address the world. They work closely with local indigenous organizations, and focus on tribal peoples who have the most to lose, usually those most recently in contact with the outside world.

To support Giles and Survival please go to

Good luck to everyone involved in the London Marathon on Sunday. Everyone who takes part has their own reasons, but come the 26.2 mile they’ll have one thing in common..completing one of the greatest sporting events.

Good luck!


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