700+ miles in a canoe

As of today I’m now signed up to two of the longest canoe/kayak races in the world.

  • Canada – Yukon River Quest – 500 miles – 29th June – Longest canoe marathon in the world
  • Lativa – Guaja XXL – 200+ miles – 14th May – Longest canoe marathon in Europe

To date I’ve spent very little time in the boat, a total of about 3hrs maybe more maybe less. Despite this I’m incredibly excited about the prospect of adventuring into the unknown in many respects. I’ve never really been to Canada, especially Yukon and I’ve never been to Latvia. I don’t know where I’m going, what I’m doing, undertaking or whether I’ll even like it, but whilst for some this would be a rather unsettling experience, for me this is one of the most thrilling moments. The best part is, is that there are so many reasons why it would be easy not to do this, or why I shouldn’t but regardless I’m going to give it a go and make the most of of canoeing/kayaking nearly 700+ miles this year.



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