Bad times

Tried to book some flights from Vancouver to Whitehorse where the race starts. Only when i got my ticket confirmation did i realise that i had booked them the wrong way round. Wasn’t the best start to the day, that’ll learn me for trying to be proactive at 7.00am…. i’m really hoping i can fix this problem otherwise it’ll be a bloody expensive screw up! don’t let me down air canada!

it also dawned on me that i’m not fit to run the Run for Congo race on Sunday, this is really frustrating and upsetting – as i was really looking forward to do this for so long. i may try and walk it, i’m still tempted to run it, but given that i have some sort of rupture in my ankle i don’t think i should really risk it..would it be feasible for me to do the race on a scooter? that way i can rest my left leg and push off with my right.. hopefully getting some treatment for my ankle this week, but it looks like i won’t be able to run for at least 6 months.

not being able to run is the most frustrating thing i have ever experienced, especially when the sun is shining. the worst part is that i can run a little, but everytime i do it breaks down and swells up, a perpetual cycle of pain.


One thought on “Bad times

  1. Don’t run on Sunday! Save yourself for the Yukon and Come an cheer with me… : )
    I also advise reading Yukon-Ho for a little light refreshment when the world seems as crazy as when you were 6 yrs old. xx

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