Marathon running days are finished.

It’s a sad day to admit that for the forseable future i won’t be running marathons or any distance. The efforts of last year have put undue strain on my body causing my ankle to break down repeatedly as i tried in vein to get fit for the London Marathon. I was pretty determined to go out and run a PB for Congo in the London marathon in April. but the sad truth is that i now can’t run further than about 2 or 3 minutes without feeling pain in my ankle. when i was walking in the lakes at the weekend i could feel it pull. I love running and have been pushing the pain away in the hope it disappears, but it still remains and if i carry on i’m in serious danger of snapping my achilies tendon. it sounds pathetic, but it is upsetting, on the good side though i completed 13 marathons last year and that is no mean feat!

But rather than be down and think that’s it, this set back has given me a new level of focus and is going to spur me on to get fit and ready for the hardest physical challenge i’ve ever set myself. Canoeing 460 miles in the wilderness is going to be extremely tough it seems. i’ve never been in a canoe before. my arms are tiny and i have less than 3 months to get ready. Well if that’s the case then i better improve and improve quickly.

After a few months of floating and struggling to get my focus, i’m now back in the game and i’m going to put everything into the Yukon River Quest in June.

Anyone know of any canoe instructors??


4 thoughts on “Marathon running days are finished.

  1. Good luck with the canoeing, Chris. I’m sure that your intrepid spirit will be every bit as exciting on the Yukon River Quest as it’s been on the many marathons. What a great way to rest your ankles!!!

  2. Chris – sorry to hear of your tempoary retirement to running. I would recommend a book called Chi Running by Dreyer – its helping me run injury free! Good luck with your new challenge!

  3. So proud to know you! Thank you for all you have accomplished for Congo and for yourself.
    I applaud and look up to you in so many ways. Thanks for bringing us along your journey.
    Loves to you.

  4. My goodness Chris, I hope you are feeling ok. It sounds like you have your eyes on the next challenge already – much respect!

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