500 miles in a boat.

So yesterday with little thought apart from my continued efforts to raise awareness of the DRC and money for WfW i have signed up to a canoe race. This isn’t just a bit of splash in the Thames, this is a toughest and longest canoe/kayak race in the world and it begins on the 29th June.

I’m involved in pretty much a 500 mile canoe/kayak race in Yukon – i’m still unsure if this is Canada or the US or both. i have loads of questions to ask and also of myself. Am i really equip to take part in a 500 mile race when i’ve never really kayak or canoed? yeah i can run, but you don’t use your legs in this sport as far as i’m aware?

Part of me thinks that it won’t be too hard and then the other part of me is thinking that i’ve just signed away 14 days holiday and a fair bit of cash for some sort of pipedream of canoeing along in the middle of north america waving at the birds, the moose and the bears. bears – really and will they attack.

Day 1 was yesterday.

Day 2 is today and i’m no further forward. if anything i’m a step back as i’ve got no boat and no bloody idea of what on earth i’m doing and whether i actually want to do this. The Yukon River Quest is only part of a much bigger plan as well…but that will be revealed soon enough 😉

i will finish this though.


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