Run for Congo 3rd April – Get involved.

In 2010, Women for Women officially launched Run for Congo Women in the UK, with the aim of raising awareness of the conflict in Congo. Funds raised on the runs go directly to running Women for Women International’s programs there. In only two events, people participating in the run managed to raise an incredible £55,700!!! i think this year with a bit of a push that we can make this year much much bigger!

The next 10K run is on 3 April in Regents Park. I know it might seem a bit daunting running 10km if you’ve only done a bit of running in the past, but trust me it isn’t impossible and it is really worth it. With just under a month until the race i would happyily help anyone who is thinking about taking part train in the final few weeks before the race. Or if you’ve got any questions about running 10km then do ping them over to me ( and i’ll try and help you out as it is really important that as many people run for congo and make the most of the run! i’m not expert at running, far from it, but always keen to see others put on their trainers and run for congo….

Ahead of this year’s run i’ll be launching a short video that Millie has helped pull together that shows what it was like to run a marathon in the DRC…stay tuned!



3 thoughts on “Run for Congo 3rd April – Get involved.

  1. The fundraising total literally keeps going up every day – I checked this morning and more donations have come in from people organising fund matching from their employers or from people that are still fundraising online – our total has gone up from £55,700 to £57,000 just in the last week!
    We still need another 25 runners for April 3rd, so please email to sign up

    I want to see that total hit £100,000 this year!!

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