Eastenders to Eastern Congo: Ross Kemp in DRC tonight at 9pm, Sky 1

TV hardman Ross Kemp AKA Grant Mitchell heads to the Congo tonight to investigate the ongoing conflict in region. Definitely worth a watch if you are free this evening – it’s a monday. Will be interesting to watch what he makes of it and seeing the same places we visited in the summer. I was shocked seeing the trailer for this when i was running in the gym, only to see a women i’d met in the summer on the TV ahead.


Ross Kemp: Extreme World: Congo

Monday 28 February
9:00pm – 10:00pm


You’ll have heard of the trade in blood diamonds, but what about the trade in blood minerals such as coltan, used in mobile phones and laptops? According to Kemp, it’s funding one of the world’s forgotten conflicts, between Hutu militia groups and the army in the Democratic Republic of Congo – ten years of concerted mass murder and rape. Whether hearing from women who have suffered appalling sexual and psychological assaults, talking to former child soldiers scarred by their experiences (“He has the eyes of a killer, and probably… a horrible future”), or on patrol in militia-infested areas, Kemp remains clear-headed if patently horrified, even offering up a warning about our own complicity in allowing these atrocities to continue. Sobering viewing.



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