Please do not read.

I’m just writing loads of bollocks at the moment. I basically don’t know what to write, I should probably stop and do it later on, but I’m quite keen to put something out ahead of the run tomorrow.


I thought this would be the easiest update to write – a summation of the year and looking ahead to tomorrow. I don’t really know where to start, partly because I haven’t finish and secondly I’m struggling to understand everything that has happened this year. It is quite hard to take it.


At the beginning all I had was some trainers and an idea to run – it was a basic as that. I honestly didn’t know whether it was possible to run 12 marathons in 12 months, I still don’t, I’m hoping that I can though – tomorrow is make or break. More importantly I didn’t know whether all this running would do any good – I still don’t.


It has been quite odd recently. I felt really quite down beat a few weeks ago, thinking about the running coming to an end and not really knowing what to do and what sort of impact that all this running has had.


Friends and family have been really complementary this year, I’ve never really wanted to listen too much to it to be honest (and I know some of you will find this quite hard to believe) but I don’t really enjoy taking complements like that, makes me feel slightly awkward, I never know what to say, just look at the ground and mumble.  Secondly, I didn’t want to get complacent, if I had listened to what people had said, then there would have be a danger that I would have thought I’d done enough then I would have never attempted everything that I’ve tried to do. I just wanted to quietly get on with what I was doing and hoping that someone would take more notice of the DRC than they currently do.


For every competitive mile I’ve ran people, I worked out this morning that people have donated over £25. I love stats and things like and find it pretty interesting and astonishing with the response of people.  I wanted to put this in there because I thought it was interesting, interesting.


Some of the messages that people have put on the justgiving site have been really nice – however, I can’t help but read them as if they are for someone else though. That doesn’t mean I haven’t appreciated them.


Basically it shouldn’t be me who gets them though, these should go to the women and children of the DRC – they are the inspirational ones.  Despite everything that has happened to them they have never given up. When things have been hard they have inspired me to do a little bit more and try that bit harder, because they deserve better. They are inspirational and I’ll never stop thinking about what they have been through and how I can do more to help.


I would love to go back to the DRC (and plan to next year) to tell people in the DRC I’ve met how much support, respect and determination that people in the UK have for what they’ve been through and that there is a growing body of people who want to see change.


I just read this and it is a right load of babble, sorry if you’ve wasted time reading this.


10am tomorrow morning the last marathon.

p.s i put please don’t read in the title because i thought more people would read it, even though i don’t think people should read it because it is a bit rambly and doesn’t really say anything but gibberish..



One thought on “Please do not read.

  1. Dear Devoted Congo Advocate,
    As I sit here on the State Departments lawn (sidewalk) reflecting on the this past weeks series of events, I feel deeply compelled to reach out to and share a few insights. My belief is that you are making a difference by simply showing up and speaking up.Though you may not be aware of what exactly that may translate into in the now or even immediate future, it will manifest at some point and may very well transcend beyond your every expectation. I say this from a vantage point of direct experience. I am one of a handful of women who have made a choice to take part in a 24 hour 5 day vigil to call for a Congo Plan Now! From the State Dept. The vigil is an extention of a “Outcry for Congo” virtual facebook rally to stand in solidarity with Congolese in asking for a coordinated, comprehensive and cohesive plan to achieve peace in Congo now. Five days later after braving seven degree windchill at times and not really knowing if our actions would reap any measurable results, I can say I am standing in the midst of one of those rare defining moments. After over 400,000 fb hits and over 1700 Outcry for Congo picture posts, hope on the horizon. We have been visited by Ambassador Jonnie Carson from the State Dept at our Outcry Basecamp (sidewalk lol) and have even been invited inside to meetand dialogue with Amb. Yamamoto who has spent 4 years working in the region and who seems to have a heart sensitive towards resolving the issues of the Congo. My message to you is keep moving forward and keep your resove that you are doing what needs to be done and you are not alone.
    Please check out the facebook site and if you feel like joining in that’s even better. We will be ending our vigil at midnight but the page will be open after for a few days. Were with you all the way.

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