Where the hell is this finish line??

When I wrote that it felt like there was no finish line, I didn’t actually think that this was due to be the case in reality.

As you may or may not know, the Luton Marathon was cancelled at the weekend, this leaves me 1 marathon short of 12. Shit.

I was hoping to have a bit of closure with the last race on Sunday to allow me to move on from the running and think about different ways to raise awareness about the DRC. Sadly this can’t happen and I still haven’t decided how, where and when I’ll run the last marathon, all I know is that I need to do it and will.

Some of you have said that I’ve done more than enough and see the fact that Luton was cancelled as a good excuse for a break and recharge the flat batteries.

I can’t do this. I made a promise to so many people and myself to run 12 marathons in 12 months that I can’t not tie the shoe laces again and try and do the last marathon, even if it’s just me plodding along the London Streets. I nearly attempted it on Sunday in the gym at 16.14, I switched the treadmill into marathon mode and began running, I stopped though, I’m not sure why. I want the finish line to feel like a real finish line, maybe if this was marathon 5 or 6 then it might have been ok, but given that this is the last one, I just felt I’d be letting everyone down by just jogging along on a treadmill in Clapham. Like the run in Bukavu in August, I need and want to feel shattered, drained and finished when I complete the distance.

The last marathon will take place on Saturday, where this is exactly is still TBC, but Goggins and I will be running this weekend.


3 thoughts on “Where the hell is this finish line??

  1. Yes! The Jackson 12. Truly wonderful stuff. Let us know any updates. You need a fitting end to your amazing endeavour but whatever you do you will still have blown everyone’s pants off with your achievements.

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    • Hi Chris

      Just to say the best of luck on Saturday…Will try and come to Richmond Park to cheer you on…if I can find you 🙂

      You are so amazing and the article in last Friday’s Guardian has reached so many people – not just in terms of the thousands you have raised, but in helping to reach those who were unaware of what is happening in the eastern provinces where rape is used as a weapon of war and over 5.5 have died in the humanitarian crisis.
      Chris and Dom best of luck on Saturday – you are both an inspiration.

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