Toes like Ricky Hatton

It was within February this year that I started to realise the importance of staying positive. January had been a tough month for a variety of reasons and February started off in a similar manner.  The second race up was the London Ultramarathon – quite a step up running 50 km when I struggle through the last marathon. Boozing before ultramarathon is not a good idea  – I felt awful, numerous times I just wanted to stop and give up, but despite this I carried on and by the time I got to the finish I was feeling pretty strong. I just decided to try and not let anything get me down and just enjoy the whole day – rather than being frustrated at struggling in the ultramarathon, I was pretty upbeat about the fact I was running an ultramarathon and getting stronger and stronger as the final miles came about. Map reading has never been my strong point and as I approached the finished I found myself lost from the pack….

This is a right load of dross. I’m bored from just reading this yawn…

February was a pretty odd month for the diary as well…pages daubed with comments such as: “I don’t like saucers, it is a pointless plate”, “Frankie says relax….not that much”, “Took a gamble in vauxhall tube station by walking to the end of the platform – gamble paid off – left tube at the closest exit”.

It had also dawned on me a this point that I had been two days ahead in my diary as well which was making recording everything a bit of a nightmare – it never really fitted together.

I had begun to lose toenails by this point and my feet are looking worse. i began to look forward to the pedicure i’d promised myself for Christmas 2010, it was 10 months away and my toes look like Ricky Hatton.

Trundle trundle.


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