Answers to a few questions..

Here are the questions…

1. NYC was marathon 11, correct? How is your body, mind, and spirit in
terms of long and short term goals? You sound exceptionally happy and
still very thrilled, frankly.

Yes, number 11, it should have been 13 but I damaged my ankle ligaments and had to miss the run in Jersey. I was told I that I shouldn’t really have ran at the weekend, but I was desprate to be out on the course. I’ve personally been looking forward to this race for quite a while. Body is pretty frail at the moment, but I think it is getting stronger, I’ve had a fair few pulls, strains and knocks recently so I haven’t trained too much. Feel in a bit of  a funny place at the moment with one marathon left, don’t really know what to do come december and after that. I think i’ll feel like I’ve lost something after the last race. I’m not sure how it will feel. Is that an oxymoron?

I love running and I love running when I feel happy and don’t feel like I’m racing. That’s what I loved about Sunday, I just ran like I was exploring NY and didn’t think to much about the race. Obviously towards the end you need to dig in, but to help me get through the last miles, I just thought of friends, family and of course the people I’ve met in DRC to make sure I would carry on running.

2. What were some of your best memories of the NYC marathon? Did you
have good support from those you knew as well as people along the

Yeah, plenty of support that was the surreal thing. Loads of people I didn’t know seemed to know who I was?!? But there was also so many people along the course just telling you to keep going and that you were doing great. This gives you such a boost. I think the best moments were enjoying the views and how quite it was on the bridges, all you could hear was foot-fall, but as you started to get to the otherside of the bridge, you’d slowly get hit by this roar from the crowd. I really couldn’t believe how many people were out watching. I think what will stick with me is that I wanted to really do my best in this race and I remember the  final 800 metres, normally I put in a sprint finish, but I literally had nothing in the tank and that made me feel pretty happy as I’d given it everything. Absolutely stunning.

3. Marathon 12. Where and when?

Marathon 12 – Luton (North of London), 5th December.

Running is the best! 🙂


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