Bad day


Played football last night and sprained my ankle quite badly, didn’t think much of it at the time but i’ve just taken a look at it now and it is badly swollen. Never really suffered a proper injury before and i don’t know what to do. Got the Jersey Marathon next Sunday and i need to be fit for that. Then a month after that i have the NYC marathon. this is really bad timing. Will get chance for a rest over the next week as i’ll be at Labour and Conservative conference where i’ll be doing my best to press the relevant MPs and Ministers on their views about the DRC and what they plan to do about it. Really looking forward to seeing what their responses are.

This is a bad day. my ankle is brown and has thin black veins around it. Off to buy some frozen peas.


5 thoughts on “Bad day

  1. i hear ya…i sprained my ankle and tore ligaments not too long before my 10km fundraising event for Pole Pole Foundation…i ended up having to walk it instead of running it…now my thing wasn’t a big marathon or anything and i am certainly not the runner you are…but i understand the frustration of getting injured before something very important that s physically demanding…it is terrible frustrating! i hope you heal quickly…almost 3 months later and i am still struggling with my ankle…

  2. I used to pick up a lot of knocks on my weaker left ankle but I found wearing a decent flexible support gave me a lot more stability and cut down the pain during and after i used to do any sport. Obviously this won’t help until the swelling goes down, hope the politicians soothing answers aid the pain relief.

  3. Oh, no…! How frustrating. Ande’s right – lots of ice and try to keep it elevated. Don’t risk a longer term injury by running Jersey if it’s not healed. You should see a doctor to be sure. I’ll be praying for a quick recovery so you can get back out there where you’re doing so much good work for Congo!


  4. Noooooo!!!!!!!!!! Mate!!!! Bugger, that is not good!!!! If the worst comes to the worst give me a shout and I’ll organise a wheelchair for you…you know i’ve got experience in this area! I’ll even push you around jersey…unfortunately it will take me a lot longer that you sub-3hr efforts though….although I am working on it! šŸ˜‰ keep your chin up mate and go to the doc!!!


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