Right, so I need to raise over £600 ($1000 dollars) to get a place in the New York Marathon. All money raised will go to Fresh Air.

I’m aware that so many of you have been good enough to sponsor and support me this year, and I feel bad writing ask for more sponsorship.

What I was hoping for is that everyone could possibly donate £1 or $1 dollar. The only thing I ask is that you ask your friends, family and mates to do the same – hopefully this will spread like wildfire and I’ll hit the target amount.. My thinking is that by using all this social media stuff that hopefully enough people will donate and I’ll hit the target for fundraising. I’m not sure how well this will work or if it actually will but I thought I should give it a go at least!

For everyone who donates my plan is to have your name on my running vest for when I run the NY marathon. It isn’t much, but I want to show my thanks some how!

I’m in the process of setting up a Justgiving site and will send round the details later on.

Thanks so much!



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