BBC World Service documentary – please listen and please forward to everyone.

The men you’ve heard from are guilty. They are guilty like many people in the army and militia of some of the most despicable acts that you can even imagine. I’ve seen injuries and I’ve seen the death in the eyes of the women.

The soldiers you heard from claimed innocence through ignorance and in no way can they be innocent. Soon people are going to realise that the scale of the problem in the DRC is horrific.

In 1994 during the Rwandan genocide the West claimed ignorance of what was happening. I’m doing what I am because I don’t want people in the UK to claim innocence through ignorance, just like those cruel soldiers.

My running isn’t going to change the world, but it’ll hopefully mean  a few thousand more people will be aware of the conflict..




2 thoughts on “BBC World Service documentary – please listen and please forward to everyone.

  1. Amazing reporting Chris, that will have hit hundreds of thousands of ears & is an unforgettable story, I look forward to the next chapter.

  2. I really have no words for what’s taken place in Congo or Africa as a nation. I do know that we need more Chris Jackson’s and Lisa Shannon’s that will and can lead the world to a better understanding of the atrosities taking place as I write this. Sometimes many people are aware , but don’t know how or think thier voice will make a difference. It only takes one voice to make a difference. Thanks for what you do Chris.

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