Want to run for Congo????

Thanks to everyone who has gotten in touch and read the blog, a lot of you have been asking about how you can get involved.

One way you can get involved is by taking part in the 2nd UK RunforCongo on Saturday the 13th November at 9am in Greenwich Park, London.

There are only 50 places available but these are filling up fast. Basically it is 18 pounds to enter the race (this covers your entrance fee) and Women for Women who are organising the race ask that you try and raise £150. I know it might seem a lot but it isn’t impossible. But all of the money raised will go directly to Women for Women’s programmes in the Congo, none of it on UK overheads, I think that is pretty decent that the money will go directly to the women on the ground in the DRC.

I’m not sure how often you all run but don’t be intimidated by the prospect of running 10km. It’s basically 6 miles. It may seem like a long way but with a few little runs between now and November I’m sure you’d be able to cover the distance.

In July the first RunforCongo raised over £20,000. If we can raised half that amount (£10,000) I promise to run the 10km race barefoot.

if you do want to run then please email: runforcongouk@womenforwomen.org

Check out the video of the run in July to see what it is all about.


One thought on “Want to run for Congo????

  1. Your back on track Jackson. xo Awesome! I want to see Chris running barefoot in Greenwich Park! Get to it, you runners in the UK!! The woman and children of Congo need your support. Our voices are speaking louder and the world is listening more each and every day.

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