The Congo Marathon

They said it couldn’t be done. People said it was dangerous, i said it was dangerous. But on the Thursday the 19th August i started out on the mission to complete the first ever marathon in the Congo. I can’t quite describe how the run felt because my mind and body was all over the place. Since Tuesday i haven’t felt myself.

i’m under a few time pressures here but i just want to let you all know that the run was completed yesterday and it was the most challenging & amazing day i’ve ever had. i crossed the line and just collapsed on the deck. the marathon may have been completed but from what i’ve learnt from my short time here has shown me that these 26.2 miles are only the beginning and there is much more work to be done.


11 thoughts on “The Congo Marathon

  1. Chris congratulations and well done on completing the marathon! I’m so proud and happy for you!!

    Relax now for a bit, take care and I’ll hopefully see you when you get back!

    Love and prayers,

    Jude xx

  2. 26.2 miles – one small run for Chris Jackson – one giant leap for women in the Congo! Well done – it sounds hurculean. Thank you so much for all that you & the team are doing, Kate

  3. Well done mate! Great stuff! Looking forward to the videos and pictures! Hope that you and Dom are both well and that you have a safe trip back!

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