Want to get out of Kigali now.

Somehow we are still kicking about in Kigali and I’m finding it quite frustrating now. I’m waking up earlier and wanting to be more active and do things, not just hang in Kigali. The planning side of things seems to be getting tighter as I try and work out how to squeeze everything in, something will probably have to give at some point. By my calculations we have 5 days in Bukavu, but I’d like to be there longer, I don’t want to feel rushed when I’ve spent my whole year working towards this. Feel like I’m on a bit of leash now, as good as the last few days have been I want to get out and away from Kigali. Sadly it isn’t as simple as that.

There is a bus at 2 down to Bukavu on the Monday, the girls land at 12. Not sure if we can catch that bus, which is making me pretty stressed out. Looks to be about a 6 hour bus ride as well so I’m not to keen on arriving in Bukavu after dark. Then we need to find accommodation, which I’ve spent the morning looking into. Failing catching a bus to Bukavu, then it looks like we’ll have to have a split trip and travel down to Butare, stay the night there and then get an early bus in the morning. It all just eats into the time that I haven’t got.

I’m trying to do as much planning and preparation as possible so things go as smoothly as they can, but it is a lot tougher when there is a group of you – bit like hearding cats! I just want to get to the DRC now. Got so much running through my mind, lots of little things that I know I need to sort or help others do like the transport, accommodation and changing money, airport pick ups. I’ve very much switched now from relaxed Chris enjoying his trip down to DRC, to constantly running scenarios, plans and schedules through my mind – fear of messing things up. That’s the nice thing about blogging you can get things off your mind, saying that though I find sitting in an internet café pretty dam boring, been here for an hour now looking for phone numbers and exploring options. Sod this I’m leaving the internet café and going to get everything set. Roll on Bukavu, whenever that may be…

Going to Nymnata church later today if we have time. This is a church where the bodies of those killed in the genocide still remain, with their clothes hanging from the ceiling.

i’m personally not sure what to make of Rwanda, i love the beauty of the area, but the place to me seems to carry a slight edge to it. i found it strange last night on a motorbike looking across the many hills in Kiagli, the outline of the hills was lit up by a million bright lights from different homes. part of me couldn’t help be feel that these lights represented the lives of those killed in the genocide. but then at the same time i also saw a lot of hope and future. promising to see.



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