It is with great regret that…..

i’ll be taking part in the Iron Man on Sunday morning at 6am.

So. The Iron Man. This has been playing on my mind for months, but the time has arrived. After a lot of thinking and taking advice from friends I’ve decided to do it. My mind is flooded with a mixture of doubts and excitement and loads of other words which I’m not sure what they are.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. How the hell do you prepare for this type of thing? This probably is a question I should have thought about months ago. But given I signed up to the race not knowing how far it was, I’ll just have to stay positive. I’ll be honest I don’t know if I’ll finish the race (well that’s hardly positive), I hope I can and will give it everything I can to cover all 140 miles of the course. What gives me confidence is that I run marathons with the best of them. Come sunday I’ll be putting all the experience of the 7 marathons I’ve done so far and use this to keep me going, slowly creeping past others (well that’s the plan).

People have been so kind with words of support so far and I’ve printed them all off and will take them with me and put them in my bag and read them quickly while I change from wetsuit to bike and from bike to trainers. You don’t know how much these have spurred me on. Thank you.

This iron man isn’t about me though (this seems likely contradictory give everything I’ve written above) it is all about getting people like you to be aware about the conflict, war, unrest in the DR Congo. Please take a look at ( and read this to be aware of the conflict in the Congo. Once you’ve looked at that you’ll know what is driving me on even when every part of my body tells me to stop.

Hopefully be in one piece come Monday to let you all know how I got on…..

I want this medal.


2 thoughts on “It is with great regret that…..

  1. Hi Chris

    I think you are amazingly brave (and maybe a little crazy) attempting an Ironman just over a week before you are setting off for DRC.

    Good luck. I know you will do amazingly well.

    I would say break a leg…..but in the circumstances…let’s hope you don’t 🙂

    Women for Women International.

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