Iron Man. Yes or No.

Can I do the Iron Man? That’s what I’ve spent most of last week thinking about. Last Sunday I was defeated, broken and feeling pretty battered about the prospect of competing in a race which involves 4km swimming, cycling 180kms and then running 42.1kms seemed pretty much impossible. I’m still undecided. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take part in the toughest race going. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared about lining up against proper athletes, but that’s also part of the thrill. I got pretty competitive with myself thinking I had to complete in a certain time, then it started to dawn on me that my training for this event hasn’t exactly been full on. People train for a year to compete. I just run a lot and have jumped in the pool and on the bike a couple of times.

I haven’t swam 4km before.

I haven’t cycled 180km since 2008

I have however ran 7 marathons.

FUCK IT. I’ll give it a go and see what happens. If I can complete it within the cut off time of 17hrs then I’ll be over the moon, every second under that will be an amazing achievement for me.

The main reason I’ve changed my mind is because I had such a great day with Jonathan Tanner and Dom Goggins yesterday on the bike from London to Brighton. Cycling 80km was great fun and it made me realise that when you do these sort of things you’ve just got to enjoy them. I’m going to try my hardest to enjoy every second of the Iron Man, I suspect however, that this enjoyment will disappear pretty quickly.

Yesterday epitomised what this year has been about – doing a real challenge with real good friends (and being slightly unprepared).  All three of us had been out on Saturday and were pretty hungover on Sunday morning, I had passed out on Saturday night and found myself in someone elses bed fully dressed. But we collectively came round to the idea of cycling down to Brighton from London (Dom even got hit by a car just cycling round to our flat). 80km on a bike is no small feet – it is surprisingly hilly, but with the sun shining we departed and spent the first few hours sweating out Saturday’s booze. But we made it to Brighton, all three of us chuffed to bits that we got there. A big mention should go to Jonathan Tanner who cycled the furthest he ever had on Sunday, by about an extra 50km, but comfortably made it to Brighton. Cracking.

Days like Sunday make this all worthwhile.

2 weeks till we go to the DRC and there are yet more twists and turns along the way. Will update shortly on the marathon in the Congo preparations.


10 thoughts on “Iron Man. Yes or No.

  1. Mate

    Yesterday was awesome. You know my views on the Ironman. Don’t kill yourself – this year is bigger than one ironman – but if you think you can do it and still be ok for Congo then go for it. And we’ll be there supporting you lad.

    You’ve definately got it in you.


    • For what it is worth. I echo Dom’s sentiments. Congo is massive, it’s why this all began and it’s why you should have a good think before you make a decision.

  2. Agreed. please don’t kill yourself before we go to Congo – from a purely selfish point of view it means I wouldn’t have a story to sell! and I’ve paid for my flights and everything!

  3. I agree with Gog too. I think we would all say you have it in you to complete it but you know what your main project is this year and you have to be careful not to jeopardise that. I expect you would end up doing it another year if you did pull out, just better prepared and more focused on that specific task. Having said that, when Chris Jackson rears his fiercely competitive head we’ll be right there to support.

    Also, I must say, I for one am pleased to hear that you were “fully dressed” when you woke up in my bed with me on Sunday morning!

  4. OF COURSE you can do it.. you’ve done 7 marathons, among other races, and have never once looked back or questioned yourself.. I know that you have it in you to do the Iron Man, the triathlon and the Congo within whatever tiny amount of time your allowing yourself.. you can just treat it as a practice go this year.. then do it again next year!!
    However I’m a firm believer of PMA so if your going to do it stop doubting and get training..!! You will have so much support to help you through you’ll wonder why you ever questioned doing it..
    But this doesn’t mean your not insane for doing it in the first place..! Just enjoy it..

  5. As Martindale once said to me (admittedly on an entirely different subject)…. “If in doubt, pull out”

    I say doooo it….!

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