What if you could make a difference? You can…

This whole project has been to get the UK public engaged in crisis in the DRC and so hopefully our Government, politicians and policy makers respond to the crisis.

If you want to show your support to the people of the DRC and to get the Government to act then please go to and support CONGONOW:



The Democratic Republic of Congo marked 50 years of independence on 30 June 2010. Yet for over 15 years, the population in the east have experienced continuous conflict and violence.
Since 1998, millions of lives have been lost and over 1.8 million people are still unable to return to their homes. Almost one in two children under five is estimated to be chronically malnourished, social services are in disarray and preventable diseases remain rife. Thousands of women and girls – as well as boys and men – have been the victims of rape, which is used as a weapon of war on a shocking scale.

As the largest bilateral donor to the DRC the UK government can be part of the solution. We commend the UK’s support to the DRC but, on top of the £130 million in aid, the UK government must use its influence in other ways. To assist the Congolese people in regaining control of their future, the UK government must help to:

  • Protect civilians from violence

The UK government must encourage the government of the DRC to ensure that civilians are protected from violence by reforming the army, police and justice sector and enforcing their own ‘zero tolerance’ policy for soldiers who commit human rights abuses.

  • Address the devastating consequences of conflict and sexual violence

The UK government should increase and broaden its humanitarian and development assistance, in particular to help ensure that adequate health and support services are delivered at the local level. It must recognise that women and children are particularly vulnerable.

  • Promote non-military solutions to the conflict

The UK should promote non-military solutions to the conflict and seek more accountability to the Congolese people for any decision to extend military operations any further.

  • Hold UK companies to account

Some UK companies have been accused of buying minerals from mines illegally exploited by militia groups and sections of the Congolese army. This provides funds that help to fuel the crisis. The UK government must hold to account all UK companies acting irresponsibly in the DRC, and support the establishment of a certification system so that clean minerals can be identified and trade in conflict minerals stopped.


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