Preparations are beginning to fall into place for the trip to the DRC in August.

I’ve taken this week off training and have spent the time working on the preparations for the Congo marathon and trying to get as much interest as possible in the run. I had my eyes opened on Monday evening by Millie Harvey who provided some sage advice on how to film – sadly it doesn’t appear to be the case of just switching on the camera and pointing it around.
Last night I had a cracking dinner with a host of people with experience of working in East Africa, the DRC and conflict areas. Picked up some really valuable advice and guidance to make sure that the run in the DRC is as safe as it can be.

I’ve personally been really touched by how helpful and supportive people. It is amazing that people are taking the time and interest to offer advice, suggestions, contacts in the DRC or media. It is fantastic and just inspires me to keep the project going and try and do as much as possible to get people engaged in the DRC.

Thanks so much everyone!!!


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