Dom Goggins joins Running for Congo

You may think I’m foolhardy embarking on this marathon. But I won’t be alone in the DRC when I begin the marathon in the Congo. My great friend and running partner Dom Goggins will be with me every step of the way.

We run marathons together and have been pushing each other hard in training for this marathon and not to mention a few triathlons along the way. I’m so chuffed that Dom will be out in the DRC as well. He’s incredibly passionate about all things sporting and has been giving me so much support throughout the year. It’ll be a real honour running with him this summer and I’m humbled that he’s taken the brave move to take on the first marathon in the Congo.

We’re normally pretty competitive when it comes to marathon runs, I just hope he doesn’t speed off and leave me behind!!

Welcome aboard Dom!

This is what Dom had to say about joining Run for Congo:

“My name is Dom Goggins and, like Chris, I’ve set myself the goal of running a marathon in the Congo and making people aware of the conflict and crisis in the DRC.

My studies and general interest in development have grounded me in African politics, but through Chris’ endeavours this year I have come to learn about the horror and injustice visited on the Congolese people by two decades of forgotten, violent conflict.

I can’t live with this.

It may be thousands of miles away, deep in another continent, but we have to try and make people aware.  So I’m going with him, to run the first ever marathon in the Congo.  To see for myself what is going on out there and, I hope, to be part of something that creates enough awareness of what is happening out there that something can be done. “


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