Really need your thoughts

This whole endeavour is to raise awareness amongst the public and with that politicians about the conflict in the DRC. If people don’t know then it is hard to get the politicians to act.

I’ve been having some ideas and discussions with a web programmer in terms of ways to get the public to show their support and i was keen to get peoples comments on a couple of ideas before i press ahead:

1. Creating a grid of pictures/messages – with latest 1000 images/messages. Messages would be just 80 char in length. People could upload 1 picture/message. . The idea would be to develop a visual petition and a rolling body of support by people in the UK.

2. Another idea is to have candles  –  people can virtually pick a candle color, shape, and location on the grid and light it. It would slowly “melt” and go out freeing up space for another user to place another candle. This wold also allow submit message up to 80 characters, so people could leave some sort of message to other users.

Both grid could be shaped like the map of Congo.

Great to get your thoughts,



3 thoughts on “Really need your thoughts

  1. Hi Chris

    Like the idea of the messages/pictures and the candles. And if you kept them within twitter length, you could incorporate a feed directly onto your twitter so the messages will appear on your twitter as they are uploaded onto your blog.

    You might also want to have some sort of postcard or other visual to create a viral campaign, that people can download and send to family, friends and colleagues to help spread the word.

    Good luck

  2. Hey Chris,

    Really like the candle idea, very poignant and I also like Helen’s idea of the postcard to send to friends and family.

    I don’t know how feasible the following suggestion is but it might be worth looking into. You could ask runners to donate miles to your cause by uploading runs and linking them to a page. I have a nike wrist band and upload my runs to the site (see my website). I can also engage in challenges (eg run 210 miles in 2010). You could set up a challenge – run for congo, for runners to make a difference in the miles covered. This will also reach a large running community and allow your mates to feel like they are, to an extent, running with you during your challenge.

    7 down!!!

    • Thanks Gabby! That’s an awesome idea and has got me thinking… i want to get the UK public to run collectively run the distance to the Congo next year. i might even race them….

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