Asics Marathon tomorrow…

So a marathon on a treadmill tomorrow. Don’t really know what to expect. Preparations have been mixed. A combination of no food yesterday and 6 or 7 pints isn’t exactly a sound footing to run a marathon. Add into this vomiting in the middle of the night after downing a mouthful of lemon cordial by accident and things look a little shaky.. Not to mention that it is going to be a scorcher tomorrow with highs of 33 degrees! Is it wise running a marathon in a shop in that heat??

What gave me a massive boost though when I was stumbling home last night to the tube. Was when me and Coop, a good friend, went passed the Asics shop where I’ll be running on Saturday afternoon (kicking off at 12.30) to find that I’d been described as “Marathon Man” by Asics and they had gone to the effort of decorating their window display for the run – brilliant that a massive company can do something like this. Can’t quite believe it? We just stood there and started laughing – truly weird and fantastic at the same time – I’ll never forget that..

Oxford Street, London one of the busiest shopping and tourist places in the world and little old me will be jogging on a treadmill for 26.2 miles. How has this happened? Hopefully people will chat to me as I run so I can tell them why I’m doing such a ridiculous thing on a Saturday afternoon…


2 thoughts on “Asics Marathon tomorrow…

  1. Hi Chris
    Only you could pick one of the hottest weekends in the year to put yourself on show in the busiest shopping street in the UK to run a marathon on a treadmill.
    What you are doing to help raise awareness of what’s happening in terms of the conflict and humanitarian crisis in the eastern provinces, where rape is being used as a weapon of war, is amazing.
    The best of luck for tomorrow.


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