Stronger Women, Stronger Nations & a bit of Anne Lennox’s

Attended a discussion last night called Stronger Women Stronger nations organised by Women for Women International. Brilliant speakers (Christine Karumba from Women for Women, Sam Roddick bodyshop, Susan Schulman – photographer, and Judith Wanga – star of TV programme The most dangerous place for women) on the subject all taking a different perspective and shed insight into the conflict and abuse of women in the DRC.

It was hard sitting there and not feel compelled to do more. Even had the pleasure of a surprise appearance from Anne Lennox’s coming down last night and getting involved and engaged in these issues. Great to see a high level public figure interested in a subject which gets so little coverage.

It’s quite daunting listening to their experiences and thoughts and yet exhilarating at the same time knowing that I’ll be there in less than a month and being part of a small but growing body of people who want to see change in the DRC.

Looking forward to meeting the lovely Millie Harvey tonight for some filming tips as well!


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