This is what it is all about

An old friend sent me an email yesterday which perfectly captures what i’m trying to achieve with the 12 marathons and the run in the Congo. If i can try and replicate this then slowly people will become aware and interested in the DRC and the ongoing instability.

Just read your new website and wanted to tell you that ive pretty much told every person on my course and most of my good friends about your exploits over the last 6 months, never deliberately it just crops up in conversation. It always starts with a “holy jesus he’s crazy” or “fucking hell he’s mad” from them as they listen but always ends with them wanting to know what is fuelling you and i always make sure i tell them about the conflict & the lack of coverage. They are always interested and can’t believe what is going on in a small pocket of a forgotten bit of Africa.

God knows how many people ive mentioned it too, probably 30-40 or so over the months but thats 30-40 more people who know about a conflict that i’m still amazed is basically uncovered by western media, so when it does come on the news next time and there is a 5-10 second mention of it somewhere or a small show like that radio debate i know they will listen and a few might mention it to someone else too sometime in the future cuz they know something about it now. And I know because of the size of your challenge and the magnitude of this issue that i wont be the only one talking about you…

I hope your trip to the DRC goes as well as trip in a war zone can,

Good luck & get well soon mate!”


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